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[Tech Coach] When Micro:Bit meets Math

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

The second year of being a tech coach, I finally got more opportunities to work with other teachers. One exciting project I have done is to collaborate with Math department. I realize that if you want to get more teachers onboard, I have to start with something small and simple.

Having Y8 math to experiment micro:bit activities is a good beginning. We used Micro:bit to create random games which matches the MYP math probability. To make students' learning experience unique, I gamified activities - students design their games and use micro:bit games to play against each other. This design could offer students autonomy as well as inner motivation.

Here's the list that how we went through this mini activity (1-2 lessons):

  1. Introduce Micro:Bit and MakeCode website

  2. Students play around with Micro:Bit on MakeCode website to get familiar with

  3. Introduce several Micro:Bit games that use probability element (the difficulty levels up)

    1. Dice

    2. Rock paper scissors

    3. Coin flippers

    4. Hot potato

  4. Students follow one/two projects with the coach (me) and make rest of games independently.

  5. Students who are more capable are strongly encouraged to create their own games. (extra game activity is also provided)

  6. Students test their finished games.

  7. Each student has their tokens and play against each other.

  8. Activity reflection.

I have made slides for this activity - shared here for educational purposes.

Here's the link of slides - Probability with Micro:Bit.

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