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[EdTech Innovation] Micro:Bitfy Clinometer

In math classes, students in Y9 have been learning about trigonometry and the measurement of angles. As part of their practical work, they used micro:bits to make a clinometer and record the data. They then applied the equations they learned in class and used the data they collected to complete real-life tasks. In particular, they were able to measure the heights of various objects around the school by using the clinometer and applying trigonometric ratios. This activity not only helped students to understand the concepts better but also made them realize the practical applications of math in everyday life.

The activity was very engaging and hands-on, and it encouraged students to apply what they learned in the classroom to real-life situations. By using micro:bits, the students were able to collect accurate data and use it to solve problems. They were also able to work collaboratively in groups, which improved their communication and teamwork skills. The activity was a great success, and many students expressed that it was one of the most enjoyable and rewarding activities they had done in math class. The teacher was very pleased with the outcome and plans to incorporate more practical activities like this in future lessons. Overall, the activity was a great way to make math more fun and relevant for students.

Based on the features of data logging and accelerometer on Micro:Bit, I have created the instructions to help students make their own clinometers using Micro:Bit and collect data on the angles of objects. The instructions also include steps on how to use trigonometric ratios to calculate the height of the objects being measured.

You can access the instructions here:

MicroBit Clinometer
Download PDF • 9.20MB

Tutorials on how to connect Micro:Bit with Laptop:

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