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[Circuit Design] First Step with Circuit Playground Express

This is the project that I collaborated on with Y8 I&S - we planned to use Circuit Playground Express (CPX) as one of the elements while students work on their final artifacts. The topic is Renaissance - students are required to create an artifact as the final summative assessment.

CPX, as one of the physical computing components, can be used as a great tool to enhance maker projects. I was very excited to kick off this project - it was a huge step for me to integrate technology into summative assessments (in the secondary curriculum)!

Students had a lot of fun and I know that some students find it challenging but still - something challenging but creative!

I made a little learning book of CPX for beginners, it includes introductions (components), coding on MakeCode, and four activities. Those activities are designed for students to understand how different components work in projects. I've also included two tutorials (how to download the coding instructions and how to connect servos) in the learning book. The links only work in the PDF version.

Here's the overview of this learning book:

You can also click the following link to download this learning book.

CPX Learning Book
Download PDF • 13.06MB

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