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Life Below Water

Oceans are home to seahorses, dolphins, whales, corals, and many other living creatures. 
Oceans are our planet’s life support as they provide water, food and help regulate the weather. Oceans also provide jobs for more than 3 billion people who depend on marine biodiversity for their livelihood. If we do not stop polluting our oceans, there will be severe problems that affect every person and living creature on the planet.

Today's Message From Experts
🦈  Challenge 1 - Shark Splash
shark4a (1).gif

The deep sea is a fascinating place! This skill map will guide you through the ocean as a shark on a journey to find food!

Coding language: Block-based
Platform: MakeCode Arcade


🐠 Challenge 2 - Rescue the Fish

A project about a marine animal escaping the maze and dodging the trash. I have one of my Bauhinia Trainers Adrian code this project with me. We made mistakes and debugged them. It was such a fun way to code and explore.

Come to join us and make your own game!

Coding language: Block-based
Platform: Scratch

That's the finished project Adrian and I made it.


ℹ️ Challenge 3 - Life Below Water

The ocean plays a very important part in keeping our ecosystem balanced, so we need to act soon and protect our ocean. Technology has helped us get better data to make sure the ocean is healthy.
This project that you are about to start is called Life Below Water and focuses on building your own underwater animation using HTML and CSS.

Coding language: HTML, CSS

Platform: BSD


How to start and export the challenge?

How to get through the challenge?

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