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Metaverse in Education

PYP Y6 🌍  Create Metaverse World

Virtual Reality is definitely a great tool for students to explore differently. This project lasted for 6 weeks. Students used Meta Quest 2 to experience underwater adventures and created their own biomes on CoSpaces.

By the end of this unit, students used Meta Quest 2 to see everyone's creature in the metaverse and discuss their thoughts.

This project is designed purposefully by educating peers via their created learning content, which matches SDGs 4 Quality Education.

E_INVERTED SDG goals_icons-individual-RGB-04-1653036679.png

 👏🏽  Virtual Biomes Gallery

Create VR World in CoSpaces

Create VR World in CoSpaces

Create VR World in CoSpaces
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How to use physics in CoSpaces?

How to use physics in CoSpaces?

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How to set moving path for objects

How to set moving path for objects

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How to Upload Different Formats of Files to CoSpaces

How to Upload Different Formats of Files to CoSpaces

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Create Metaverse Contents

MYP Y9 💞 Build Empathy Through VR


A wealth of research has uncovered how virtual reality can serve to help encourage greater empathy between individuals - instead of imagining someone's life, VR could offer immersive experiences for learners and increase their emotional empathy.

Coming from this background information, Y9 I&S teachers and I started introducing VR in the Y9 Poverty unit. The VR activity helps students understand people who are in the struggle with poverty, their daily living conditions, and the issues they are facing.

To avoid the overload of information, we have selected VR mini-documentaries for students, along with working sheets.

Those working sheets could help students receive information more precisely.  

Y9 I&S VR Experience in Poverty

I divided the whole class into four groups and set up the documentary booths. Each booth had 6-7 students watch the assigned documentary and finished the worksheet. The reason for different booths set up is to ensure that students are on track meanwhile connect the activity tightly with the learning context.

Y9 VR Booth Info (2)
Y9 VR Booth Info (1)
Y9 VR Booth Info
Y9 VR Booth Info (3)
Use VR to Build Empathy

MYP Y8 🚌 Virtual Tours in Classrooms

This project started back when COVID-19 hit the world. We went online learning, came back to in-person learning, and back to online again... Everyone was struggling with the change - but one thing was for sure, teachers still wanted to bring fun to the class. 

As the field trips became impossible, I came up with the idea of having virtual field trips. Traveling all around Hong Kong to visit all the religious places that students learn during the lesson time.

At the very beginning of the Virtual Reality journey at RCHK, we started in Y8 I&S classes, with outdated Xiaomi phones and headsets. After a few rounds, I saw the potential of VR - that's how the whole story started.

Virtual Tours in Classrooms

MYP  🗣 VR and Language Learning


Introducing VR to Chinese lessons was the idea after a discussion between myself and the Head of the Chinese Department. Most Chinese educators are keen to bring fun, engaging, and interesting activities into their classes - especially sometimes it can offer students various opportunities to apply their language knowledge.

To make the activity more engaging, I divided the lesson into three parts:

  • Have Immersive Conversations on Mondly;

  • Watching a Virtual 360 Shopping Mall Tour;

  • Answer Qs in Chinese on Flip Based on Provided Activities.