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Good Health and Wellbeing

To ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.
Goal 3 aims to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all, at all ages. Health and well-being are important at every stage of one’s life, starting from the beginning. SDG 3 aims to prevent needless suffering from preventable diseases and premature death by focusing on key targets that boost the health of a country’s overall population.

Today's Message From Experts
Set Up Your Scratch Account:

This is the tutorial about how to sign up for your Scratch accounts. If you have your Scratch accounts, please skip this tutorial.

This is the tutorial about sharing projects from Scratch. Make sure you have verified your account email before sharing.

🧘🏽 Challenge 1: Code a Happy Place Meditation App

Sometimes, coding can feel frustrating for kids (and grown-ups!). We might work really hard to create a project, but one small bug (coding mistake) can crash the whole thing. At times we might feel angry, discouraged, or sad. When we are emotionally charged, it can make it even harder to find and fix bugs.
Practicing mindfulness and meditation can help us improve focus and reduce stress. Through things like guided breathing, you can learn how to focus your attention on the present moment and calm the worried mind.

Coding language: Block-based Code
Platform: Scratch

Your final project might function like this example, but the happy places in yours will be unique to you and your preferences!



This activity is from CodeSpeak Labs. You can find the original activity HERE.

If you want to explore more activities on CodeSpeak Labs, here is the website.

🚲 Challenge 2: Biking with Scratch

Let's code a project that we can do a virtual exercise on Scratch. The purpose of this project is to let people have fun playing the biking game. Meanwhile, let them know that REAL biking is also exciting.
We want to use this project to raise awareness of good physical wellbeing.  #codeforgood

Coding language: Block-based Code
Platform: Scratch

Your finished project will look like this - but remember, this is the basic version of this challenge. You can add more elements!


Code + Biking.gif
Code + Biking (1).gif
🦖 Challenge 3: Keep 3D T-Rex Healthy

T-Rex avoids junk food and collects healthy food, trying to maximize the health score.

  • AR/VR Concepts: Create custom animation using code blocks.

  • Coding Concepts:

    • Events  

    • Using Variables  

    • Using Conditionals

Coding language: Block-based Code
Platform: HatchXR Kids


The first step is to finish the Hour Of Code activity.

The website will provide step-by-step guidance on it. You can follow along and finish the task.

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