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[Tech Coach] Tips Not Only For Coaches

This Tuesday, I presented at 21CL TeachMeet HK. It felt so nice but meanwhile a bit weird (after 3 years of all online social) to see everyone in person.

A lot of old friends and new friends - and of course some nice snacks there.

It's different than 3 year ago, this time I was there as a tech coach. And this year I become a whole school tech coach, leading upper primary and secondary technology integration. I feel very grateful about this change as I could see both of sides and perspectives of technology integrations.

My presentation title was Surviving As A Tech Coach in Secondary. Honestly, what I was talking about isn't only for coaches. It's for everyone who wants to bring positive changes to their classes. Sometimes, collaboration can be hard; but persuading people to collaborate with you can be HARDER!

According to my own experiences, I have some tips that might be helpful. I know that there are so many experienced educators and coaches. But I would like to share mine to help more people and possibly have an open space for all educators to share their wonderful tips! (that's always the most exciting part - LEARNING!)

Here's the link to my slides.

Due to the time limitation of my presentation, I haven't put up a lot of details there but would love to talk more about it. Our VR integration is going strong at my school. We have 4 projects happening right after mid-term break. Can't wait to share them with everyone.

Please feel free to share my tips with anyone that you think might need them.

And of course, I would LOVE to hear more tips from educators and coaches. One good thing about being a coach - NEVER STOP LEARNING!

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