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[Tech Coach] Online Learning Tools Tutorials

It is such a weird time - we have been through online and offline learning back and forth several times this school year. In secondary, we found that students are struggling with some online tools - same as teachers. In order to support Y7-9 students, I've created some tutorials that they could watch during their advisory time to upskill learning tools use.

Those tutorials I made are FlipGrid, Nearpod and Padlet. In case you're not familiar with them, I'll give a brief introduction about those three tools.

All of those have web-based version and reason we use them is because we have school licences (Nearpod and Padlet). And FlipGrid's free version is quite handy.

FlipGrid is a great way to get students participated in feedback and sharing. Students are asked to record a clip of video to express and share their opinions.

Padlet can be used by students and teachers to post notes on a common page. The notes posted by teachers and students can contain links, videos, images and document files. We use Padlet as a method to share and promote class discussions. Sometimes, we use it as virtual display boards.

Nearpod is quite good for secondary teachers. Nearpod helps educators make any lesson interactive whether in the classroom or virtual. The concept is simple. A teacher can create interactive presentations that can contain Quiz's, Polls, Videos, Collaborate Boards, and more.

I shared those tutorials with both students and teachers, some teachers use them as a good kickoff. I know that currently English and I&S departments are using Nearpod often. Padlet is popular among the whole school.

Please feel free to use those tutorials if it helps! Hope soon we could go back to all normal onsite learning!

  • FlipGrid:

  • Padlet:

  • Nearpod:

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