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[Tech Coach] One Tip A Week

Going back to the beginning of this year, I started my new job as a tech coach. I realised that some challenges appeared in my new position. The biggest challenge is that secondary teachers don't want to have tech integration due to the nature of MYP curriculum. MYP curriculum is more independent plus the secondary has the pressure of academic performance - it's hard to get the tech into their planning.

So thinking about this, I decided to share some easy, simple and free tech tips with the whole school just to nurture the tech vibes in our secondary section. Those tips are aimed to be universal, easy and quick to try.

Four months ago, I started to post those tips online.

I've rearranged all posters and put here to share with everyone - some of that are quite useful (according to the feedback) and I'm sure that can be useful for your classes/schools as well.

Please download it from here:

Weekly Tech Tips
Download PDF • 4.31MB

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