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[Robotics] LEGO EV3 with Color, Gyro and Ultrasonic Sensors

Can't believe May is just around the corner, it's almost a year since I started my new job. This job started with challenges. Now, we have more and more collaborations with different departments and more units are waiting to be integrated.

After Easter, we started to work with Y7 math team on robotics. It's hard to integrate technology to MYP curriculum as most of the learning content stands alone and not closely connected. Working with math team means a lot to me - it's our first time to collaborate since the most recent five years!

Currently, Y7 is talking about angles and geometry. That's why we used Gyro sensor to control LEGO EV3 and apply knowledge that students learned from math lessons to robotics.

I have made two slides - the first one is the introduction of EV3, including brief intro of robots and how we use robots in our daily life. In this part, I also put the assembling introduction and connection instructions here.

Please click this LINK to download it.


The second part covers motors, gyro sensor, color sensor and ultrasonic sensor. My job is to teach students to understand how to control robots. Therefore, I have put different blocks and explanations, including configurations in this slides. I found that this website has lots of good resources - they break out different parts of EV3 coding parts and provide detailed information and explanations.

Click this LINK to download the second slides.

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