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[Robotics]Raving Robot (mBot)

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

After getting to know the Design department, I think MYP design curriculum is quite interesting as kids could have various options to DESIGN and CREATE things with different materials and methods. Yes I'm doing two positions at the moment - half learning technology coach, half MYP design teacher.

I love being an MYP design teacher, which I could have opportunities to do instructional design. I'm now supporting Y7 design teachers (I'm teaching Y9 and above this year) with their raving robot unit - Y7 students are required to use mBot to create a dance video. They can design dance moves, looks of mBots as well as other backgrounds.

Because most Y7 design teachers don't have previous experience with mBot, I was requested to give teachers trainings on mBot.

I have created two sessions (Google Slides) to introduce MakeBlock and mBot.

The first session focuses on the introduction of MakeBlock (we use block-based coding for Y7) and the second session introduces mBot (sensors, inputs and outputs).

Here's the first session


Here's the second session:


Soon I realize that Y7 hasn't prepared an introduction lesson; therefore, I created an intro lesson for them. This lesson is not only for mBot, it can be applied to any lesson related to robotics and AI.

It's a very easy intro lessons which you could extend based on this - also, students are guided to think critically about the definition of robots and why do people need AI.

I found that what we can do with mBot is limited - try to figure out more potentials for Y8 and Y9 in our next school year.

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