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[Tech Coach] Virtual Learning Tech Support

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Since the whole world goes so crazily that even beyond everyone's expectations, now we have almost 1/3 people in the world have to stay at home! (Can you believe that? It is for sure a thing that we've never seen!)

Lots of schools are doing virtual learning now. I can see that there are so many difficulties people having with virtual learning.

Well, I guess we, people live in HK, have more experience in virtual learning. We got one-week suspension last year when riots happened. And then we closed schools again after CNY. We've stayed in this virtual environment for a long time and we definitely get used to it (or have to get used to).

As a teacher who is specialised in tech, I created several instructions and thought it would be helpful for other people.


The first one is how to set up Google Hangouts on laptops and portable devices (iOS).

Here is the link of the slides (you can download it as a booklet)

A Glimpse


The second one is Google Tips on Virtual Learning.

It covers create Hangouts and share the meeting info; mute and unmute students in meetings; schedule assignments in GClassroom; make a copy document for each student.

Here is the link of the booklet - Please click to open it.

The content of this booklet


The last one is how to use QuickTime Player to record your lessons. This is for students who missed your lessons, so they could catch it up with recordings.

QuickTime Player is an application in iOS - it's free and easy to use. If you're using iOS, it can be a good option.

Here is the instruction of QuickTime Player.


Hope everyone could enjoy the virtual learning - I'm sure that we have to. And fingers crossed, we can go back to normal routines soon!

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