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[Tech Coach] Support Students with Google Suite

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Transferred my job as a coach means that I need to support all teachers and students to upskill their tech abilities in various ways. In my school, Y7 is the first year of secondary section - as a secondary learning technology coach, I need to support Y7 students to learn how to us Google Suite properly.

This is supposed to be a set of necessary skills for students - surprisingly, Y7 students in my school still have troubles of managing their Google Drive, sending Gmails or inviting people on Google Calendar. (I bet some teachers might have the same problem)

Therefore, I created a list of potential skills students and teachers might need. Also, I made the series of tutorials (limited within 3 mins) for each skill.

Even it's quite basic, it could be a good resource for some teachers and students to get started in their digital skills.

Here's the list with links:

  1. Google Drive

  2. How to organize Google Drive

  3. How to share files in Google Drive

  4. Google Classroom

  5. Layout Introduction

  6. Turn in assignments

  7. Communication

  8. Google Calendar

  9. Create an event (invite people, add descriptions)

  10. Respond to events

  11. Gmail

  12. Snooze and schedule emails

  13. Label and star emails to organize your Gmail

  14. Create signatures

  15. Google Sites

  16. Add calendars to Google Sites

  17. Create, delete and duplicate site pages

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