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[Tech Coach] Support Students with Google Suite

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Transferred my job as a coach means that I need to support all teachers and students to upskill their tech abilities in various ways. In my school, Y7 is the first year of secondary section - as a secondary learning technology coach, I need to support Y7 students to learn how to us Google Suite properly.

This is supposed to be a set of necessary skills for students - surprisingly, Y7 students in my school still have troubles of managing their Google Drive, sending Gmails or inviting people on Google Calendar. (I bet some teachers might have the same problem)

Therefore, I created a list of potential skills students and teachers might need. Also, I made the series of tutorials (limited within 3 mins) for each skill.

Even it's quite basic, it could be a good resource for some teachers and students to get started in their digital skills.

Here's the list with links:

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