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[Circuit Design] Arduino with mBlock

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Thanks to the science team in my school - I finally got the chance to use Arduino systematically. In my school, Y8 science class has a unit about machine learning. Students use Arduino to learn how robotics and how do machines work. As a tech coach, I took the responsibilities of training teachers, as well as supporting students in their lessons.

I have had only a few chances to use Arduino (Uno) - it's been a popular item for a while, lots of people use it to create cool project. I know that most of people use Arduino IDE to code on it. However, science teachers in my school insisted that they used mBlock. This was a bit tricky for me as there's not so much info online to connect Arduino with mBot. Plus, most of online info is out of date.

We have the whole set of Arduino - each student has one set during the lesson time. Within this Arduino kit, we have quite a few sensors. (see the pic below) Except the DHT11 (temperature and humidity sensor), rest of sensors can be used with mBlock. As DHT11 requires embedded files, I tried several extensions on mBlock - none of it works for me so far. But if you know any solution - please do let me know!


Personally, I like Arduino more than Micro:Bit and Circuit Playground - it's more versatile and definitely a low-floor-high-ceiling tool. I can even imagine myself create something more complex and cool with Arduino. Not meaning that I don't like Micro:Bit and Circuit Playground - Micro:Bit just launched the new version - can't wait to give it a try.

Recently I got several cool circuit extensions - planning to use the holiday to give it a go.

Back to the topic, I'm very excited to have this chance to start supporting teachers in my school; as well as learning Arduino systematically. I made a tutorial from the very beginning to hook Arduino with sensors gradually. It took me a while to finish this tutorial - I learned a lot while making this tutorial.

Share it here and hopefully it could also help someone else who's looking to bring circuit activities to their classes.

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