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[Tech Coach] Google PD Trainings

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

It's been 1.5 months since I started my new job. The new job is quite different than my last job - this time I became a Learning Tech Coach as well as MYP Design Teacher. What a wonderful position! I have to admit that the job is quite challenging for me as I have never worked in an IB school before. Though all difficulties I have (including painful online learning), I enjoy this position a lot. As a tech coach, a part of my job responsibilities is to train teachers to be tech savvy educators. In the beginning of this school year, we're still doing online learning because of COVID-19. How odd it is! The platform we're using is Google Education Suite as well as Zoom. I had to offer lots of Google training sessions for teachers to ensure that they're capable to run online learning . Therefore, I have created three Google Slides for my teachers. They covered most of Google Education products and some are updated to the latest version (like Google Chat.) I'll explain each session in details below.


This slides introduces Google Classroom, includes stream, class work and people tabs. Also, the layout is introduced in this slides as well. Recently, Google has launched the grade book on Classroom - my slides also mentioned about it.


I understand that lots of schools don't have an internal communication tool - basically just emails. However, sometimes synchronous tools can be really useful for some informal conversations. Google has launched Chat recently - I promoted it within our secondary section. This slides covers Google Chat, Google Calendar as well as the schedule trick on Gmail (I used to use Boomerang).


This slides literally took me 3 days to finish - it has tons of information included. In this slides, I talked about very useful tricks and tips that improve teachers' working efficiency. It includes Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Forms, as well as Google Chrome (extensions). If you click on all those links, you'll find that you're required to make a copy of those slides - this is also one of tricks mentioned in this slides. Check it out - you'll like it!


Feel free to take those training materials if they're useful for your classes/schools!

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