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[Tech Coach] Digital Citizenship from G3-G8

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

I bet digital citizenship is a necessity for all tech educators. We're getting so tired of it since we have to repeat it literally EVERY YEAR!

But... How to make it more systematic for students? In my opinion, those kids are getting exposed to digital devices gradually. For instance, G3 is the first year for students in my school to have their fancy laptops. Before that, they used iPads occasionally during classes (perhaps more at home).

4th graders are getting used to use individual laptops to work on their homework. G5 - okay, probably they're really into some games, like Roblox, MineCraft. One year after that, some kids start to jump on social media. G7&8 - I bet they are gurus of social media and games.


Therefore, according to students' digital life, I built a system in digital citizenship for them to learn GRADUALLY form G3-8.

  • G3 - what is digital citizen? What are digital foot print? How do we deal with screen time?

  • G4 - Share your info online: private and personal information.

  • G5 - Be kind online: how to choose appropriate information to share; how to spot fake emails; how to spread kindness online; Cyber bullying: definition; how to deal with.

  • G6 - Find a balance in digital life: overuse the phone; social media: why people are so addictive with it and how could we manage our phone time.

  • G7&8 - Oversharing on Social Media; Fake news: how to spot it and find a credible source of news.

G5 AR Pictures


Of course Common Sense has tons of amazing resources that we could use for lessons.

And Google does have some interesting stuff related to digital citizenship as well - Be Internet Awesome. I don't always use it but it could match to my G5 digital citizenship lessons perfectly. The game called "Interland" could give students a bit fun time on game time as well as being educated. Boom! One stone two birds!


G3-6 AMAZING works

My students created awesome projects.

G3 drew a picture on how to be a digital citizen;

G4 used Adobe Spark to make logos on DC;

G5 used Keynote and AR Makr to create AR signs and had lovely pics;

G6 made posters;

G7&8 had their own newsletters about fake news.

Fake News Newsletter (typos are made purposely)

Even we talk about digital citizenship every year, but making it interesting is always the new topic for me every year. :)

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