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[Circuit Design] Circuit Playground Culture Badge

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

This is a project that I ran with G6 to 8 students (aged 11-13). It includes around 8 hours lesson time.

All kids never had any experience in robotics/Circuit Playground before.


The theme of this project is culture - Be proud of cultures. The reason why I chose this theme is because Hong Kong is an international city. We have kids from all over the world. But living in Hong Kong could make them a bit distant to their own culture. Therefore, I wanted to help kids connect to their original culture through this project.

The whole project included 5 steps:

  • Topic introduction; Online research.

  • 3D Badge Design on TinkerCAD.

  • Circuit Playground design and coding.

  • Extensions and display poster design.

  • Demonstration.

The whole 5 steps required students to have the following skills: online research; self-learning; 3D design; coding; circuit knowledge; graphic design and presentation skills.


During the project, kids are paired as working partner. They will support each other and discuss with partners during lessons.

Here is the procedure to problem-solving method:

  • Try it by yourself by debugging, finding solutions online.

  • Ask your group mates; if still not working, ask others in the class.

  • Ask teacher.

I always want my students to spread positivity, kindness and support to others in my class. Therefore, pairing is important since they could give and receive support to/from others.


I've attached the slide about this project here. Also, I made two videos to record this fun project.

I also created some worksheets for this project.

Please go to the resource page to download it if it's useful for you.

Hope you like it!

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