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[Digital Design] Complicated MakeCode Arcade Projects

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

I mentioned how to pick up MakeCode Arcade in the previous 2 posts - MakeCode Arcade Game Design Concepts Cards; MakeCode Arcade Mini Projects. I shared mini projects which could be done within one session in those 2 posts.

Of course, some lessons require students to make more complicated projects to challenge them. I made the other 2 projects for my lessons (and maybe for you as well).


This time I've changed strategies - instead of showing instructional posters, I made several video tutorials as students could follow it step by step, I can explain theoretical parts more precisely.

The first one is Catch the Rhythm. This project is inspired by a project called Dance Party. And I asked my students to create some BGM for our games (see, we can also use composition skills to Arcade!).

In my lessons, students were expected to finish it within 2 lessons. I've asked my students to add some extensions for their games.

Here's the YouTube Playlist for this project - Link.

One student Pui made a Ninja game with spooky background music - Link.


The Second one is for High Schoolers. So I made levels for games as well as some enemies to make the game is more playable.

The second game is Catch the Music (It is designed for HS music lesson). This project is more complex than the previous one. Students can spend 4-5 lessons (even longer) to finish it. Lots of game concepts are covered in this project.

Here is the link of YouTube Playlist - link.


So far I've posted 3 articles about MakeCode Arcade. Next step, I'll move to Xcode (hopefully) to create some resources for my high school students.

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