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[Digital Design] MakeCode Arcade Game Design Concepts Cards

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

The more I use Makecode Arcade, the better I like it - It's such a cool platform that we (not only students) could create so many interesting retro games.

It actually requires more coding and game design skills. As I'm still exploring it, the best way is to teach students while self teach myself.


Because of the coronavirus outbreak, all schools here turned to be virtual schools. With extra time staying at home, I spent a week to recreate game design concepts provided by @MSMakeCode.

I've applied those instruction cards to Middle School lessons (Grade 7 & 8). Those kids LOVE it! Since limited lesson time, my plan is to introduce those concepts in 1.5 lessons (1.5 hrs) by making simple mini projects.

After that, we'll use those concepts to create a complex game.


Currently I'm still working on the game - but the game design concept cards have been finished. So I shared here for more people could use it.

Hopefully, more people will see the attractions of Arcade, let's GAME it!

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