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[Design Thinking] REAL Lesson Plan

You might wonder what REAL is. In my school, we have a lesson once a week that offer students some courses out of curriculum and give students opportunities to work on things they're interested at.

REAL stands for Renaissance Enhancement Academic Learning, this course won't be graded either tested. Students use their interests as the motivation to work on it.

My REAL lesson this year is called Magic Circle. As a tech coach, our department has some resources such as robotics, circuit boards and 3D design. So the idea of Magic Circle is to support students as much resources as we could and let them choose their own project topics.


The course idea sounds quite challenging, to ensure the quality of products. Students need to follow the design thinking cycle to prototype their products step by step. Therefore, I created some worksheets and slides for them to guide students finish their products.

There are five lesson slides kicking off the lesson, within those five lesson slides, students could go through empathise, define and ideate. After that, they need to start the prototype part.

You can find all lesson slides here:

Lesson 1


Lesson 2


Lesson 3


Lesson 4


Lesson 5


Besides lesson slides, I've also created empathy book and process journal to track students' working progress. I've attached here as well.

Please feel free to use it if needed.

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