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Make education differently.
The digital way.

This is Cora

I'm Cora Yang, the Learning Tech Coach and MYP Design Teacher at Renaissance College Hong Kong. Before working at RCHK, I had been the Media Tech Head Teacher at The Harbour School for two years. I specialise in learning technology, Robotics, computational thinking and design thinking throughout K-12.  

I completed my master degree in Information Technology in Education at The University of Hong Kong (2016) and my PGCertEd at The University of Sunderland (2019).  With my enthusiasm and interests in this field, I keep pursuing to learn more about both theoretical and practical skills. I also did several workshops/presentations at international conferences. I'm also a maker, I enjoy making stuff when I'm not working. I like pottery, sewing, painting and enjoy wonderful outdoor activities, such as kayaking, hiking and sometimes rock climbing.

This is Dalton

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My husband Dalton is currently working as a Secondary Computer Science Teacher at Kellett School in Hong Kong. He has a passion for technology, Design Technology, coding, and robotics.

 Dalton likes challenging himself - he did a lot of amazing projects with students. He has run a Game Jam with MakecodeArcade. He has taught iOS App Development in the classroom. He has allowed students to design solutions using Microbit. 

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Technology Integration Design Thinking

Computer Science Robotics Circuit Design

As a tech coach, I offer tech integration for secondary teachers. I've collaborated with various departments, such as science, I&S, math and design. It is a great pleasure to work with other educators as I can see different perspectives and pedagogical strategies from other educators. Being a coach is a challenging job, I keep a presence in my school and let teachers be aware of my availabilities all the time. Meanwhile, I offer mini sessions for teachers and some quick tech tips.

As an MYP design teacher, I'm still getting familiar with MYP curriculum. I follow the MYP design cycle to plan my lessons and give rigorous feedback to my students based on MYP design rubrics.

Before that, I was a Media Tech teacher. I delivered computer science, digital design, filmmaking and digital citizenship courses to students at Y3-11.

I always work on delivering the most suitable, authentic curriculum to my students. Therefore, I created learning resources by myself most of the time. On my website, you'll find various contents, including tech coaching materials, design thinking activities, computer science lesson contents and robotics and circuit design activities.

As people always say, sharing is caring. All my work is under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license.

Please feel free to take it for your lessons!

I'll categorize different contents and constantly update my website. 

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